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During GW’s Alumni Weekend in September 2019, the Epsilon Housing Trust (EHT) and the Sigma Chi Foundation (SCFND) forged a partnership to create a permanent endowment for the Epsilon Chapter. This Epsilon Chapter Endowment supports our undergraduate chapter through increased educational opportunities and scholarships.

We are following the lead of several old-line chapters such as Delta (Georgia), Lambda (Indiana) and Psi Psi (Syracuse) who have created similar endowment funds in conjunction with the Foundation.

Our goal is to raise $500,000 by our 160th anniversary celebration in 2024. These funds will enable Epsilon to be an endowed “Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter” which provides additional educational opportunities through the summer Leadership Workshop and Horizons, as well as annual academic scholarships designated for the chapter. In addition, the Endowment will also enable the EHT to further increase scholarship opportunities for the undergraduates and enhance the educational needs of the chapter and house.

In these uncertain times many of our undergraduates find themselves in need of assistance for Sigma Chi. You can make a difference – please consider making a tax-deductible gift or pledge to this vital effort!

If you’d like to support this initiative?via a larger multi-year pledge, gift of appreciated?assets (stocks/bonds) or Planned Legacy Gift from your estate or insurance vehicle, we ask that you contact one of our supporting Foundation Gift Officers listed in the Contact Us section below.

Why Bell?

The Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge sponsorship program allows alumni brothers to invest in the future of their chapter through enhanced leadership and scholarship benefits for our undergraduate members. Through your unrestricted tax-deductible charitable contribution, you can support your home chapter, the international organization and directly benefit the current and future undergraduates of your chapter.


Each chapter that reaches the goal for this level will receive the following benefits each year (annual campaigns receive these one-time, endowments receive the benefits every year after reaching the goal):

To support this worthy cause, please donate using the link above. If you would like to make a gift of stock, bequest or other assets, please direct your correspondence to your regional development professional.

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Chapter Update


The Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Chi at The George Washington University is honored to welcome the 29 new brothers of the Alpha Theta pledge class. This past semester, the Brotherhood ensured a smooth and welcoming transition back to the District, and we look forward to being back for another great semester in the spring. Happy holidays from Epsilon!

~Arya Mehran, George Washington 2023
From the Spring 2022 issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi

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